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The Kora is a harp lute from West Africa,

it is the instrument of the storytellers, the "griots".

I have not been introduced to the culture that gave birth to this fabulous instrument, although it fascinates me and I have a deep respect for it, I integrate my self-taught Western cultural influences into my production.

As a Handpan player, I find in the Kora this same intuitive game, an ease of access to the instrument for beginners compared to other more complex instruments.


And it is therefore in this direction that I focus the manufacture of my Kora, by proposing an assembly of the strings allowing a much more intuitive game. That is to say that the rise in range is carried out directly alternating between left hand and right hand (as on the handpan).

I offer 22-string instruments, therefore offering 3 complete octaves, the tone can be defined together according to your tastes or needs.

It is of course possible to reduce the number of strings, so we will get closer to the N'goni,

or add strings up to a maximum of 24.

Finally I propose the addition of semitone levers allowing to change tones and colors quickly, this offering at least 9 different scales on a single instrument.

This is what I call chromatic Kora.

Traditionally the Kora has 21 strings, tuned in F major, I also offer this format.

Here is the list of materials used for my Kora:

.Deer Skin

.Guitar mechanics

.Ash handle, others on request and  according to stocks  available

.Savarez KF and Nylon strings

.Halftone levers


Dimensions:  Active  the size of the calabash,               between 35 and 50 cm in diameter,  

           Length between 1m10 and 1m35


Options:  .Chromatic (semitone levers)

        .High-end mechanics

        .Stylized sidebars

        . "crescent moon", "constellation" or   


        .Handle with threading

        .Increase in range (number of  






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