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Treatment session

After a few years in the paramedic in oncology, I chose
to support with a much more global approach in order to offer a space
welcome to fully express what is experienced and conducive to transmutation.
After several years of developing and deepening my feelings and tools
energy, I trained in Chinese medicine, which allowed me to build a bridge between very bodily Western medicine and the more subtle so-called energy practices.

In this notion of a bridge between matter and the subtle, the sound vibration is a
very precious tool and that is why it occupies a great place during the sessions
that I suggest. It has this power to act on all bodies (physical, mental,
emotional, and the most subtle...). She is a catalyst for me, awakening unsuspected potentials, silences the mind to let the light make its way through our uncomfortable parts.

I do not use acupuncture needles but therapeutic tuning forks, crystal bowls, drums, singing, handpan, chimes and especially the sound massage table (see video at the bottom of the page)

I accompany you on various physical, emotional issues...

Make an appointment at

Address: 250 route des moulins 74300 Les Carroz d'Araches

Price: 90€ - Duration: 1H30

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