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Clément Moret Lutherie profil

Clément Moret , I am the creator of Sangita Vana.

Since my youngest age, I  love  to observe and to understand how I and  everything around me work.

I am an autodidact, I like to understand things by myself, to reproduce what has  already been done in  adding to it  my personal touch.

"Let me  inspire to inspire you,  use  my senses and humbly invite you to  awaken your own  sense"

I present to you here my journey which has  brought on the path of this beautiful project  as well as the values that accompany it. 

What does Sangita Vana mean?

It's a term  Sanskrit which means "Music  of the forest" .  Unlike our Latin languages in Sanskrit some  words translate to  several terms.  "Sangita" is thus translated by the sound, the  music, music  sung, instrumental, but also danced. And "Vana" the forest, the trees, the wood.

My journey


It all started  by working with wood from childhood which was passed on to me by my father,  of  slaughter 

of  the tree  until its use mainly in carpentry.  I am very grateful for the transmission of his knowledge,  Her confidence  and that he has me  allowed (and still today) to use its tools.

Then  adolescence, I began to  music and it's from  where I made my first instruments, Didgeridoo,  Ukulele and electric guitar. The passion for violin making began even though I was nurturing  any further  instrumental practice than production. My artistic career has allowed me to meet and exchange with  luthiers who inspired me a lot and passed on part of their knowledge even if the majority of my skills come from a lot of observation and personal experimentation .

The discovery of the Handpan and the Kora were significant in my career as a musician and as a musical instrument maker. From there came the desire to make intuitive instruments very easily accessible to beginners and responding to  demands of experienced musicians .

In  parallel music i  developed  other more subtle meanings , which have led me to put more spirituality into all the acts of my life. And so  interest me  at different  wellness techniques and  care practices  energy, always accompanied by  the music.  I like  this idea that music and  particularly  vibration  sound is a catalyst for the alchemy of bodies and hearts .

Of a pure mind  scientist, I had the opportunity to  develop artistic and spiritual senses that I express under  different forms  and continues to develop today in my laboratories.


Welcome to one of my laboratories and I  share here  the fruit of my research .  


My values

As I mentioned, I am above all a musician and for each instrument that I make the first criteria are  the quality and accuracy  sound, playing comfort and ergonomics .

For traditional instruments such as Kora,  flutes  and the Drums but  like all objects that I create, I always respect traditions and I like to add particular intentions.

These intentions can either be me  transmitted by the person who passes me  order, or I receive them during the manufacture of the object and it will be a pleasure to share them with you if you wish.

In a desire to best respect the forests and limit transport, my choice is to work mainly with local French wood .  A good part of my stock of wood and  this  for the woods  exotic comes  from  redemption  of  scrap wood from my colleagues,  provided that they meet my physical and mechanical criteria  and  aesthetic. 

And it is partly for these reasons that I offer various small objects such as clocks,  reflexology sticks,  hair sticks and jewelry which are mostly from my  scrap wood.

Each piece of wood that returns to the workshop will be given a second life.

In this desire to respect the environment, the treatment of the wood is carried out only with natural products (hard oil  based on linseed oil).

Finally I have  always had a thirst for discovery,  to develop my senses, and to nourish my knowledge, alone and of course by  the others. But for me some things are only acquired once they are shared . And  as a Qigong teacher told me, "the student is  the teacher  of the master", far be it from me  pretension  to be a master but I have this desire to share some of my  knowledge  and my experiences.

Good visit

Clement Moret


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