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Chromatic Kora  22 string travel


This small, light and easily transportable Kora is a little nugget, the half-tone levers allow you to change modes very quickly and easily.

Perfect for musicians who want to travel  light, it fits in a guitar bag  standard.

The profile of the dams and the  hears gives it a certain  elegance.

Unlike most  Kora the game is here  alternating between right and left throughout the climb of the range.  

For a prototype it is a superb instrument, I classify it as such because it has  light  defects (small light at the calabash-neck junction,  light  deviation of the bridge on the left, small defect at the level of the handle which forced me to embed a small piece of wood modifying a little the aesthetics of the instrument although it is not visible)

Tuned in F  minor (FG-Ab-Bb-C-Db-Eb-FG-Ab-Bb-C-Db-Eb-FG-Ab-Bb-C-Db-Eb-F)

Technical characteristics:

.Calabash 27cm

.Length 1m10

.Depth 28cm

.Deer skin

.Savarez Kf and Nylon strings

.Ash handle 

.Pear Tree Bars

. Ziricote Bridge  and Padauk

.SAKEM half-tone levers

Price: 1450€

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